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The investor of today does not profit from yesterday`s growth Warren Buffett




Green Shoots Capital provides institutional investors and wealth managers with high-quality advice on their financial affairs. We are seen as a one-stop-shop in Liquid Alternatives and work alongside our clients, who value our expertise and investment proposals of high entrepreneurial and performance quality. Our partner network is unrivaled and allows an optimization process tailored to our clients needs.

We are confident that with the wealth of extensive financial expertise and firsthand commercial expertise, we have the knowledge, skills, and resources to deliver powerful solutions that add real, tangible value to every stage of your business. In providing effective solutions, we offer you a high level of Partner contact. In all areas of liquid alternatives, we provide clients with pragmatic, personalized advice and insights that help them and their business succeed.

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Large CTAs underperform for 5 years

Not only the multi billion dollar CTAs underdelivered over the last 5 years, many of the other multi billion dollar firms did so too.

This seems to be the reason why following the year-end analysis of 2016, the amount of investments into smaller managers and the interest in them has increased substantially.


The rapidly changing Adviser landscape

If you invested in the MSCI World in 2008 you would have made just 1.01% per year until today.

You accepted 15 times the risk in exchange for this return (a volatility of 15.15%).


The big lie about Inflation

For those of you still wondering why there is so much talk about

- inequality, and everybody blaming the rich, the bankers, and the top 1% overall (and of course hedge funds),


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